06 October, 2012

What We Ate in Meteora Area - Panellinion, Kalambaka

Wow. It has been a long time since the last post! I did not realize.

Not that anything happened. It was just because we have been away for a few days of trip last weekend. Now I start blogging about it.

We have been in Meteora.

I have been to there probably more than 10 times, when I was working in tourism, but my Greek husband (GH) had never been. I am going to write about what we ate during these days.

The 1st night in Kalambaka, we arrived quite tired and decided to eat somewhere near. We asked recommendation from the hotel owner (we stayed at Galaxy Hotel which was offering excellent value-for-money rooms) and read Tripadvisor and Foursquare, we headed for the Town Hall Square of Kalambaka.

In the square, there are this Panellinio, Meteora, and another grill restaurant. I was not sure between Panellinion and Meteora, but finally we decided on the one recommended by the hotelier.

Currently this restaurant occupies the 3rd and 7th places (duplication) in Kalambaka restaurant list of Tripadvisor.

It looked touristic, but we thought "it should not be so bad".

Tzatziki (3.30 Euro), which was OK.

I wanted horta (boiled green leaves), but the waiter told us it was out of season. Bull shit. He recommended more expensive salad, but we ordered lettuce salad instead (3.30 Euro), which again was OK.

Chichken souvlaki plate was rather generous (8.50 Euro).

Besides 3 small chicken skewers, there was salad, rice and oven potatoes. Edible, but nothing particular. The rice was stale and potatoes were cold unfortunately.

This is oven baked spaghetti (8.80 Euro).

It was spaghetti with tomato sauce, some odd bits of vegetables and ham (?), yellow cheese on top and baked in oven. As quality, it was not either below or above our expectation, but the portion was too small and 8.80 Euro price tag was not justified in any way.

The grapes were on the house.

The service was friendly, but not quite efficient.

Together with a beer (3.30 Euro) and bread (0.50 Euro x 2), the total bill was 28.20 Euro.

Not hugely expensive but for the same money I am sure we could have found much better food elsewhere in Kalambaka.

I don't see any particular reason to recommend this place to you, although I don't need to dissuade you to go if you happened to be nearby and find a good table.

Βλαχάβας 3 (Πλατεία Δημαρχείο)
Τηλ. 24320 24735

3 Vlahavas (Plateia Dimarhio)
Tel. 24320 24735

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