08 September, 2012

Asty 68 @ Gazi

This Thursday evening, I was in Gazi, waiting for GH who was stuck in the traffic caused by a demonstration in Syntagma Square (yes, it has started again). We were supposed to go to a concert at Technopolis, but after 2 hours of drive for him and 2 hours of wait for me, we were hardly in the mood/state of going to the concert. (Note: In usual circumstances, it should have taken about 30-40 min from Maroussi and Thissio).

When we finally met about 9:15, we decided to go to eat something nice at least. So, I took him to Asty 68, of which I have read good reviews.

It is really a small restaurant and the number of the tables where you can heat is pretty limited (additionally there are also some other small tables and bar stools, as it is a bar, too).

I shot this photo toward a corner where there was no body, but the place was already half full and later it got 80% full.

Above reminds me of some scenes from David Lynch movies.

The menu is rather short; I think there were about 25 items in total (from appetizers, salad to main) and some desserts. To be honest, the prices are on higher side - you should judge if it is reasonably high or not by yourself.

There are no cheap starters (Orektica) that you can get for 3 or 4 Euro as in usual Greek tavernes (probably because this place is not trying to become a taverna), so we did not order any. We just got bread (1 Euro per person).

The bread, however, was served with yoghurt+red beets dip and oil+balsamic vinegar dip. The bread itself was also very edible, grilled and sprinkled with sea salt, olive oil and oregano.

With the bread, we were also offered a shot of vegetable potage soup as amuse-bouche. Very good.

This is green salad with walnuts, dried apricot (this was supposed to be dried plum which was out of stock on the day), and talagani cheese on top.

Nice combination, but the amount of dressing was just too much. 7.30 Euro.

We did not want to order 2 main dishes (we cannot usually eat one main dish per a head). Here is the problem of this restaurant for us; there are only a few half-portion (meze) size dishes to achieve our ideal 1.5 portion between us two. One possibility was this: a bowl of oven baked potatoes, and the other was a combination of dips (taramosalata, aubergine something and another).

Potatoes were fine, but I did not know that we were to get the same as a side of the main course. I always think that the waiter should either tell us (when it is not written on the menu, and it wasn't written) or offer something else as side.

4.30 Euro for the potatoes.

Here is the main dish: biftekakia with yogurt & herb sauce.

The portion of dish is not large by Greek standard, if not small. The quality of meat, however, was pretty good and they were as if the wel-made biftekakia at home. 9.80 Euro.

You believe or not, we were full at this point and there was not space for dessert (there are 3 desserts, if I remember well, and sounded interesting).

However, with the bill we got a shot of rakomelo and mastiha ("submarine").

With a large glass of beer (4.50 Euro), the bill was 27.90 Euro and we left 30. If you order 1 starter (salad), 2 main, 2 desserts, and 2 glasses of beer, expect to pay about 20-25 Euro per a head.

And we got the fiscal receipt without any fuss.

I am not sure if this restaurant is suitable for the way I eat, I would be more than happy to try other dishes.

Asty 68 (Άστυ 68)
Leoforos Konstantinoupoleos 68, Gkazi
Tel. 210-346 6896

Around 22:30 we went to the concert and left after half an hour. The music was good, but were were just too tired and it was only Thursday.

A shame.

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