18 September, 2012

Cheese Burger @ Colibri in Mets

GH told me that he wanted to eat a hamburger. I started a search around the web and I picked one in Athens and one in Glyfada leaving him to choose between them. And he picked up the one in Athens, called Colibri.

It is probably the most talked-about & blogged hamburger shop in Athens. I listed some of the posts I found below.

The place is just behind the Temple of Olympian Zeus, but not in the area where tourists go, if not on purpose.

This is how it looks from outside. It is basically a take-out/ delivery shop which have 5 or 6 tables on the pedestrian street in front. So, if you go there during peak hours, there is a good chance that you have to wait for a table or take-out burgers and shit down somewhere else.

We found a table because it was before 8 o'clock and it was a bit rainy (only 2 or the tables in the photo are covered by some sort of roof.

The menu consists in beef (veal?) and chicken burgers, pizze, salads, and "biftekia" (burgers or meat patties without bread).

The drinks came immediately. Beers are about 3 Euro and soft drinks are 1.50 Euro. A small bottle of water is 0.50 Euro. Very reasonably priced. They can give you free water in pitcher if you request (we did not, but I saw other people do). The beer in the below photo is Erdinger White Beer.

On the other hand, the burgers took ages - no, not really, it was about 20 min, I think - to come. It was intriguing because there were not many patrons (6 or 7) and there seemed at least 4 men in the kitchen. The delivery movement also was very slow (it happened only twice during 1 hour we were there). I am not sure they are always slow or there was something wrong on that particular evening.

The first impression of my cheese burger was not great (6.60 Euro). Maybe because it looked quite different from the burgers I saw on the fellow bloggers' websites.

In taste wise, of course, it was quite good.

The burger was rather thin, but was also quite large in diameter. The thing I liked very much in this burger was that the good equilibrium and combination of soft buns, crunchy iceberg lettuce, tender and lean patty, and the chili sauce I asked to add (no additional cost).

The potatoes were skin-on type and not freshly fried.

GH got a Bacon & Cheese Burger and he also was happy.

The total cost was 18.80 Euro.

If you get fancier burger, the cost shall rise above 10 per person.

Overall, we were happy with the meal, but this is not the area we usually move around and the unpredictability of table availability shall work as a deterrent.

This, of course, does not mean that I do not recommend this place to you. If you like burgers, you should try.

Αναπαύσεως 9, Μετς-Παγκράτι
Τηλ. 210 9214277


After I came back to home, I noticed that on the web, there are Colibri with another address. I wondered if the shop moved at some point, but in the end, this website cleared my doubt.


Evidently there are three Colibri in Athens, one in Pangrati, one in Ano Petralona, and the one in Mets where we went.

And here are the list of admirers of Colibri on the web:



George said...

Just thought I'd point out: the Colibri in Pagrati has considerably more seating and not too far from the one in Mets so if you're looking to sit, that would be the one to go to. Also if you do you should definitely try the pizza!

mesogeia said...

Thank you, George, for the tip. Will go to the Pagkrati outlet for a pizza in that case.

A cousin recommended us to go to Papa George's in Dafni for a burger. This shall be our next stop of a burger. Have you been there?

George said...

No I haven't been. Haven't even heard of it (which actually annoys me). Found some pictures in Facebook and it looks interesting. I look forward to reading what you think of it and will very likely visit it too myself.