14 September, 2012

Parmigiani @ Passalimani, Piraeus

One Saturday afternoon, we decided we wanted to eat Italian, but not far from our flat.

So I called an Italian place called Mafioso which is about 10 min walk and is getting good reviews on the web. But the woman who answered the phone told me that we could go to their new restaurant on Passalimani, called Parmigiani, because it is at a better location.

And there we went.

The place above does not say much, but they have several tables on the seaside walk of Passalimani. They serve food as well as cafeteria stuff.

When we arrived, about half of the tables were occupied, but most of them were only having coffees. The problem was that there was only one waitress for all the tables and, as in other places of Passalimani, she had to cross the street all the time from the shop to the tables. And the worst was that she was not willing to do it much.

The menu consists of not-to-complicated appetizers, some salads, pizze, pasta, some (other) main dishes, and desserts. The emphasis is on pizze and pasta that are very reasonably priced.

To the waitress who insisted to speak in English while we spoke to her in Greece, we placed the order.

We got Insalata alla Caprese as starter, which came with a big place of bread that we did not order. I don't like the place that automatically brings the bread, while we order starches for main. I do not eat spaghetti with bread, although I know that there is a plenty of people who do; they could have asked me, couldn't they?

And the waitress forgot to bring us water till this point. She brought us two glasses, but forgot again to bring the beer for GH, even though he reminded her together with the water.

The salad was all right, anyway.

The main dishes arrived in not more than 5 min. No beer, though. So he reminded her again.

GH got a pizza. I think it was called Pizza della casa or something; it was a pizza with everything-anything you can think of, just as the Greek people tend to like their pizza.

Frankly speaking it tasted rather boring, due to, I think, poor quality of cheese. The dough was a bit too charred to my taste.

I got a plate of Spaghetti all'Amatriciana.

This came in a big portion and tasted quite good. The spaghetti were cooked to the right degree of "al dente".

The beer did not materialize until the last and the waitress disappeared inside the shop completely.

GH had to go inside the shop to pay. Then, he had to point again to that waitress that she failed to bring him the beer, and she was like ... "Oops". Nothing else. We had a receipt on the table, but the waitress had to take it to check he ordered the beer with it and later she just confiscated it.

The price was like 20 Euro for two (without beer!), so quite reasonable. But GH swore that he would not come back to the place that did not give him enough water to drink.

A shame.

Akti Moutsopoulou 11, Piraeus.
(I don't know the phone number of the place, as they did not give me the receipt).


Konstantinos said...

Everything listed above, turns out to be false only. For example, referring to water deficit at time of the photo you posted showing your glasses filled with water! The shame is all yours!

mesogeia said...

I am sorry if the post upset you, but she did forget to bring us water UNTIL we asked to do so (the two glasses of water were the result of my husband's request) and she kept on forgetting about the beer. I do not feel any shame in anything what I wrote above. Regards.

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