08 September, 2012

Change of Look

If you are reading this post with your PC, you must have noticed that I changed the template. 

Not that I wanted to change, but I did not have much choice. 

I used to use a widget called a comment system called JS-Kit, because in some years back, the comment system of Google Blogger was really crappy (you might not be able to believe me, but in the earlier years, Blogger itself was quite crappy and I used to blog mostly on Opera community which was working perfectly then) and it was now workable. JS-Kit was a better solution, but now the company owns the software decided to kill the widget. 

I tried to remove it from the template, but it looked to be too much into it and it was too much for me to do so. It looked safer to change the template at all. 

I am sorry to lose the comments on JS-Kit, but they were to be lost from October anyway. There was not much I could do. 

I hope that Blogger has improved the commenting system meanwhile (but, to be honest, I don't receive many comments fortunately - Not that I don't like the comments, but I do not have time to take good care of them, sorry!). 

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