15 September, 2012

Bollywood Kitchen @ Thissio

We visited a new Indian restaurant in Thissio called Bollywood Kitchen at the end of August. It was a full moon day and there were so many people were around.

The restaurant is on a small side road called Thissiou. If you are walking down Adrianou Street, you need to look for it, because it is not much visible from the central street.

Inside is very simple, almost austere. Only the Bollywood films on a flat screen and the "Indian" (I don't know if they are from India, Pakistan, or even Bangladesh) cooks in the kitchen remind you that it is an Indian restaurant.

The menu isn't long, but all the classics are there. For the curry, there are various sauces and you can choose which meat you want to be put into your sauce. The price changes according to which meat you choose.

Papadom was offered for free.

GH got a beer and I got a mango lassi.

The vegetable samosas were nice and plenty.

Judging from the form of skin, I thought these should be house-made.

These were all right. I just think that they should sell samosas one by one. If you are in a group of 4, you don't know how to devide and if you are in two like us, three samosas are just too many to eat before the main dishes.

The salad was odd.

Apart from lettuce and cucumber, there were half-cooked green peas. Not the best combination I have ever tasted.

Then to the main dishes.

This is lamb masala that came in a bright red color, which can only be explained with artificial food dye (I think it is the same dye they use for tandoori chicken).

The sauce was fine (except that I sensed too much sugar), but the hard and small bits of lamb were disappointing.

I got palak paneer (curry of spinach and Indian cottage cheese).

I expected paneer in it, but to my surprise, the cheese was salty. It tasted suspiciously similar to feta cheese. The sauce itself was ok, but the cheese was very disappointing.

Cheese naan.

Here we expected yellow gooey cheese, but what we found was again feta (you don't see it in the photo, but it was inside). It was fine, but it again betrayed our expectation.

Pilau rice, however, was quite good, with lots of spice and caramelized onion.

The final bill got close to 40 Euro. The price-wise, it is all right, but I want the food to be of better standard.

In any case, recently Bollywood Kitchen is offering 50% deal coupons on many website. If you are interest, buy one of these and go. If you pay 20 for all these, you cannot regret much.

Bollywood Kitchen
7 Thissiou & Adrianou
Thissio, Athens
Tel: 211-4019197

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