05 September, 2012

Glyfada Update

So, some updates about Glyfada.

Saints Constantine and Helen is ... as usual.

The first thing I did was to check the Konstantinopoleos Street, also known as Biftekoupoli. The ever changing street.

First I passed in front of Pagotomania. A middle-aged woman who looked like the owner, was chatting with young male waiters... lying. Yes, she was lying on her back. You say that the Greeks are relaxed people, but this is definitely too far.

Biftekaatsi, where we ate once, is still there.

In front of Biftekaatsi, I found a new restaurant called Mavro Provato.

It was closed when I passed in front, so I don't know what sort of place it is.

Then, I saw in the former premises a new outlet of Golden Phoenix, small chain of Chinese restaurants.

I thought Golden Phoenixes are pricey restaurants, but this place offers buffet for 16 Euro.

Then we walk towards Zisimopoulou Street. On our way, we saw patisserie-cafeteria Alea disappeared. It was replaced by a cafeteria.

We ended up in Haagen Dazs, where we are always able to find place.

Very expensive in current Greece. It offers any coffee for 3 Euro only during the daytime Monday-Friday. The target, obviously, is not the people in regular employment of 9 to 5.

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