30 April, 2011

Lunch @ Ikea

Went to IKEA to buy a coffee table.

And as we were there, we took the opportunity to go to the restaurant.

IKEA restaurant might not be a great gourmet experience, but it is a nice place to savour 'exotic' European food for a very affordable price.

The most famous dish should be Swedish meat balls. (By the way, when the Greeks call them "Souidika keftedakia", I cannot help but laugh).

I had rocket salad with prawns and mushroom soup.

If you are reading this blog in UK for example, you might not realize how exotic they are in Greece.

When I was living in UK, I used to eat often these small half-cooked prawns. Here in Greece, I can barely find them.

And mushroom soup. The Greeks do not have this sort of cream soups. It was a shame that it was lukewarm.

There are also Greek dishes and, being a good Greek, Hubby took gemista.

He did not look very enthusiastic, but said it was fine.

Afterwards, we had also cream Cheese cake and coffee.

The total bill is 13.45 Euro. Maybe cheaper than at Goody's or MacDonald's.

We won't fail to visit the restaurant whenever we come to IKEA.

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