23 April, 2011

O Loulas @ Marathonas

When we went to Marathon, we thought we should eat pork chops, as someone told us that Marathon was famous for brizoles (pork chops).

I am not sure if it is true, but we found one grill restaurant and stopped there.

O Loulas

It is inside the town of Marathon. Decor was basic & rustic. There was a big fire place.

The menu was, as in many rural grill restaurants, not long and it did not take us much time to decide what to order.

Grilled bread with olive oil and oregano was obligatory order.

Tzatziki & cabbage and carrot salad. Judging from the texture of cucumber, tzatziki was not fresh.

This is a dish called "Tsoukalaki", aubergine, tomato & cheese in oven. OK, although 6 Euro for this seemed a bit excessive.


Fried potatoes were frozen variety.

Pork chop

And we shared 1 pork chop which was nice (in the photo it looks small, but it is actually of normal size; the lemon was huge).

At the end of the meal, they offered us yogurt with syruppy fruit (It was something unusual but I don't remember its name). This yogurt was excellent; dense and almost cheesy.

We had also house red wine which we liked much.

The food was good, if not exceptionally good and the price is fine for what they offer. We might come back if chanced to be in Marathon.

O Loulas
Dimokratias 1, Marathonas
22940 66108

Bread 0.50 x 2
Tzatziki 3
Cabbage Salad 3.50
Tsoukalaki (auberine) 6
Potatoes 2.50
Pork Chop 8
1/4 wine 1.50
Big Bottle of Water 1.50


Matt Cohen said...

We loved this place.

The roasted chicken was fantastic.

Best Horiatiki (Greek Salad) we had in Greece.

The owners are warm and hospitable.

mesogeia said...

Hello Matt,

Thank you for the comment.
It has been a long time since I have been to there. I would love to go back, just that Marathon is quite far from Piraeus (where I live) and we don't go there often.

I am not sure if I got to know the owner, but I do remember that our waiter was very proud of their food and of Marathon.

It is not a sort of place we find in guidebooks, but is certainly a gem.