16 April, 2011

Alternative Fast Food Choices for Lenten Fasters

As far as I am aware, serious Lenten fasters are rare among the Greeks. Even so, Greek fastfood shops offer Lenten fastfood for those who want to observe even at fastfood joints (or rather, fastfood joints are trying to be Lenten fasting friendly). We tried some of these Lenten fastfood.

First, my favorite fastfood joint, Grigoris.


Here is Koulouli with mushroom.

Koulouri with Mushrooms

Korouli dough was more like pie pastry. Mushrooms were mixed with tomato sauce and reminded me of pizza.

Then, Goody's.


Fried Squid Rings were a failure in my opinion. Squids were so skinny and I thought I was eating a batter fry.

Goody's Squid Fries

Prawn spaghetti instead was OK.

Spaghetti with Prawns

It is much better to cook at home, but still, as fastfood, I found it acceptable. 1 more week to go until Easter.

From this Sunday, even not so religious Greeks start to fast, to join in the Easter Spirit, more than to share the suffering of Christ. Agonas continues...

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