01 May, 2011

Avra @ Porto Germeno

Easter Monday was a very fine day; sunny and warm. As the Easter period in general was not so fine, we took advantage of the day to go to see some green.

We headed for Porto Germeno/ Aigosthena. It was our second visit.

After walking around the ruins of Aigosthena, we had a lunch in one of the fish restaurants. Last time were came here, I think we enter the first restaurant coming from the centre. There was a restaurant looked like that one, but the name was different from what I recall. All the places looked similar (except for one specialized in meat), so we went into the one with more people. It was called Avra and at the end of the main street.

This is the view from our table.


They bought us a menu. But later discovered that most of the fish dishes were not available, including the fried small fish dishes I wanted.

First dishes to come were fried potatoes, king prawn saganaki and romaine lettuce salad. I ordered prawn saganaki made from frozen prawn, because the choice was between frozen prawn and frozen squids (or overpriced larger fish - sheer waste of money to eat in Greek restaurants in my opinion).

It turned out to be a disaster, because they did not clean the back vein (=guts) at all. Consequently the prawns were full of sands. I tried to clean them at the table not really successfully.

Tzatziki. My position is that we should not order tzatziki at fish restaurants, but Hubby keeps on doing it. Fortunately this one was all right.

Hubby had a grilled pork chop, which turned out to be the best of the dishes.

Halvas with orange zest was on the house. It was pretty good.

The inedible prawn saganaki was overpriced, but the rest was OK. Next time I will order meat as well.

Tzatziki 3 Euro
Saganaki Prawns 16 Euro
Pork Chop 7 Euro
Lettuce Salad 4 Euro
Fried Potatoes 3 Euro
Coca Cola 1.50 Euro
Bread 0.50 Euro
35 Euro

Porto Germeno (Vilia)
Tel. 22630-41230

Πόρτο Γερμενό

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