12 April, 2011

One Saturday Afternoon in Glyfada

Since this Friday, we don't have water in the kitchen.

Our building administrator says it is because our tap is broken, but I think it is somehow related to the central water distribution system of the building. Today we had an appointment with a plumber but he just did not show up. I returned early from work to open the door to him. Annoying.

Having substantial difficulty in washing dishes and pans, we were constrained to eat our this weekend.

Saturday, we went to Glyfada with a brother of Hubby. Hubby wanted fish taverna, because he said he wanted to fast (in a Lenten way). We gave a "pass" to Malidakia fish tavern which was very mediocre. We found this one called Nikolas tis Sxinoussas, but, after checking the menu, we said it was more expensive than what we wanted to pay then.

Nikolas tis Naoussas

So we went to Vincenzo, Italian restaurant we went once. This is carrot, walnuts & Parmesan salad. Not particularly tasty, but it was nice to have from time to time as a change.

I had spaghetti allo scoglio as did the last time. Again, not a master piece, but for the price (12.60 Euro), it is a good value dish.

Hubby had a pizza. I don't like much the type of cheese they use on pizze, but let him have what he wants. :)

And afterwards, we returned to the fish restaurant for coffee.

We had 3 coffees and cost only 10 Euro.

Looking around, the food looked interesting. I will come back to try the food as well.

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