17 April, 2011

Taverna O Thespis @ Plaka

So. If you live in suburbs of Athens, not that you find much chance to eat in Plaka, while it is the absolute favorite for the common tourists to find somewhere to experience Greek/Athenian dining.

Working in tourism industry, I thought I should know what the tourists are eating. Visit to Geros tou Moria was the first of my experiment. And here is the second: Thespis Taverna on Thespidos Street.

The restaurant is situated at the upper end of Thespidos street. It looks small, but actually has a quite large space outside.

The menu is classic taverna fare without twist or creativity (and it is OK not to be creative for Greek cooks, because most of the Greeks do not like innovation).


I like this sort of yellow bread. Tyrokafteri was clearly homemade and mixed with black pepper. Nice. But 4.90 Euro for this? Really?

And a Greek salad. Looking from the top, it looks ordinary, but strangely there was shredded cabbage below the tomatoes.

Fried potatoes were freshly made and we liked them. I guess it is not easy to find fresh fried potatoes in Plaka.

As main dish, we had oven baked lamb (9.90 Euro) to share. It was very soft & juicy, as it should be. It is totally different from the roast lamb that the English people make. Greek oven roast lamb is like stewed inside the oven.

Over all, we liked the food, although it wasn't particularly cheap. We will be happy to return, if we happen to be there.

Bill, please!

Bread 0.80 Euro x 2 = 1.60 Euro

Water 1.80 Euro

Coke 1.80 Euro

Greek Salad 6.50 Euro

Tyrokafteri 4.90 Euro

Oven Baked Lamb 9.90

Euro Fried Potatoes 3.50 Euro

== Total 30 Euro

Taverna "O Thespis" 18 Thespidos, Plaka Tel. 210-3238 242

Ταβέρνα Ο Θέσπις Θεσπίδος 18, Πλάκα


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