01 April, 2011

Stop at Arachova

The last extended weekend, we went to Delphi. We wanted to stay a night, but learning that on the Sunday, the archaeological sites were closed, decided to go for just one day drive on the Saturday. One our way to Delphi, stopped at Arachova.


It was very nice day and Arachova was very busy with Greek tourists. I don't think they were there for ski; just a leisure drive like the one we were doing.

We took some photographes and bought traditional sweets, pasta called hilopites, and one formaella cheese. Formaella can be bought in supermarkets in Athens, but it is product of this area. When we went home, we ate it fried. It was sweet, milky and gooey; very nice. When we have chance to go back to Arahova, we would buy the same cheese from the same shop which was also a producer.

Then I wanted to have a coffee in a pastry shop, but Hubby - being a Greek - insisted that we should have coffee outdoor and that was why we ended up in a cafeteria in the central square.

A cappuccino being 4 Euro, it was as expensive as the cappuccino I drank on Apostolou Pavlou Avenue in Thissio (if you are not familiar with the geography in Athens, this is one of the high streets of cafeterias in central Athens).

And these croissants were served well after I finished drinking coffee.

Arachova was a charming place, but I would rather go when there were not so much people.

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