16 April, 2011

To Maridaki @ Glyfada

This happened a couple of weeks ago...

We went to Glyfada for a drive.

Glyfada Beach

And when Hubby sees a sea, he gets appetite for seafood. So we stopped at a seafood taverna on the sea, To Maridaki.

It is not only Hubby, but virtually all the Greeks crave for seafood when they see the sea and sun. The restaurant was full.

Although it took some time to attract the waiter's attention, the order was brought to our table quickly. Fried squids, fried potatoes, cabbage & carrot salad, and tzatziki. I don't think that tzatziki goes with seafood, but Hubby says it is OK as it goes well with fried potatoes. Mmmm.

As you can see on the photo, potatoes were pre-fried or frozen sort. Fried squids were not enough cooked and very oily, as if they were so busy that they could not leave the squids in flying oil for enough time.

Salad was rustic and nice though.

It was very affordable, but nothing special in food wise. If we are happened to be in Glyfada and want to eat cheap seafood, we might go back, but if it is just for food, we would rather stick to fish restaurants in Piraiki which is just down the street for us.

To Maridaki
Paralia Glyfadas, Glyfada

Το Μαριδάκι
Παραλία Γλυφάδας, Γλυφάδα

Tel. 210-89 44 540

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