06 February, 2010

O Katagounas @ Gerolimenas, Mani

This is the restaurant we stopped at in Gerolimenas, Mani.

Maybe because it was in winter, we could not find any attractive eating place along the road of Mani. We guessed that there should be tavernas in port town and that was why we stopped at Gerolimenas.

Gerolimenas is a small port town on the west coast of Mani. My guidebook says that it used to be a very important commercial port of Mani, but I don't think there aren't any bigger ship than fisherman's boats now.

However, we found several tavernas all open for business. We entered the one that looked least touristic. It was called Katagounas (Ο Καταγκούνας).


As we expected, they did not have written menu. The owner/waiter just dictated what they had. Strangely, they did not have any fish, although it was just in front of the sea. But, it was all right for us.

Hubby being rather sick, we ordered only a few plates.

These are Tzatziki and Singlino.

For the singlino, please refer to Gate to Greece (link above). They are both pretty fine.
And horta. Different from the one we had at Trata in Monenvasia, it tasted fresh and flavorful.

And brizola hirina (grilled pork chop).

Pork Chop

I thought it was over-cooked and rather hard. It wasn't bad, but I can easily find better pork chops in Athens.

But, still, eating in front of the sea is something magical. I can easily go back.

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Апостол Апостолов said...

I like the restaurant and you are right that it is the most that does not look the way that the tourist would like.Therefor it is the restaurant ( taverna ) most used by the locals. Thumbs up for the horta and tzatziki.