06 February, 2010

Spartan Club Sandwich

When we visited Sparti in early January 2010, we ate at a local fast food shop called Mr. Doughnuts (it might have been Mr. Donuts; I am a bit hazy on that).

Now, you must be saying in your mind, "You should be insane to go to a fast food shop of such an Americanised name while you are on vacation in Greek countryside!"

Sparta is a pretty large urban centre, but still you are right. It was quite stupid. But there was a reason. Husband had a stomach flu then and could not eat much. Having already eaten lunch in a restaurant, he said he could not bear another meal in a taverna.

That was why we ended up here.

Mr. Doughnuts was on the central square of Sparta and open for 24 hours a day. It was very busy with locals, young and old, men and women. For the Spartan population, it might represent something "American", something "Western" rare to find in that part of Peloponnese. I thought.

We ordered one club sandwich to share.

It find it almost inedible for me. Too greasy from bacon fat and too oily from mayonnaise. But Husband seemed to be enjoying it.

It cost only 4 euros and is probably enough to cover the recommended daily energy intake for a woman of my age. In this sense, it is a good value.

This is the Christmas decoration in front of the Municipality building of Sparta.

It was pretty fantastic.

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