24 January, 2010

Trata @ Gefyla, Monemvasia

When we visited Monemvasia in January 2010, we stopped at a fish restaurant called Trata in Gefyla village, which is situated on the opposite of Monemvasia. You will find it just before crossing the bridge to Monemvasia, on your left side. Gefyla means bridge in modern Greek, by the way.


Before deciding where to eat, we asked two local people for advices. One said this one and another one called Scorpios, again in Gefyla, and the other one mentioned this. OK. It is not a statistical data, but I would suppose it has a good fame among the locals.

We were greated by the cheerful bearded owner. In general, the service was fine.

The menu wasn't very long. All usual suspects in Greek fish restaurants, and some dishes were not available. It happens all the time in restaurants in Greek countryside. No Greek would be disappointed by this.

First to come was a huge mountain of Tyrokafteri.


Hubby wanted Melitzanosalata, but it wasn't available. Our waiter suggested it to him and he ordered it as he does not know how to say "no".

It wasn't bad, but neither good. It was just a mixture of feta and red pepper. I want tyrokafteri to be smoother, not mashy.

Then Horta (boiled green). I wanted wild green, but it again was not available. This is just a normal green.


Odd thing was that it contained two sorts of greens, separatedly. I have never seen horta served like this. I sensed a little staleness in it. The horta was much better at Katagounas in Gerolimenas.

And Saïtiá.


Saïtiá is a regional delicacy: grilled spinach and cheese (feta) pie. Personally I was not enthused by it, because I don't like pies in general. Objectively I think it was well prepared and healthier alternative to oven-baked or fried pies.

Main dishes were garidomakaronada and fried marides.


Fish was fresh and tasty and the portion was very generous. I won't desire anything more than fried marides.

Garidomakaronada, however, was not total success. The king prawns were beautiful: very fresh and not over-cooked. On the other hand, there was some staleness in spaghetti. I thought that the oil was getting old.

In general food here was hit and miss. Probably we should have stuck strictly to fish.

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