16 February, 2010

What These Pakistani Are Doing?

Going down toward Marina Zea for a coffee, I saw some Pakistani playing...


It was a familiar view when I was living in UK, but in Greece it is a rare sight.

In Piraeus, I cannot say there are so many Pakistani as there are in Birmingham, but still, I know some who work here. Those who I know are very hard workers and friendly guys (I don't see many Pakistani women). Interesting thing is that the Pakistani here look physically a bit different from those I used to know in Birmingham: they are shorter and usually do not have beard or mustache. I wonder if they are from a different region.

And this is a dog I saw at Flocafé in Marina Zea.

He was over-joyed when he found a half-eaten chicken nuggets in paper package. So excited that he was trying to eat the package without noticing the chicken had already fallen off from! Not very clever, I must say. :)

Then I enjoyed a cheese cake with 'kerasi' cherries in Flocafe.

It was Sunday.

Then on Clean Monday, I decided to fast sugar during the Lenten period, without, however, giving up animal protein. I am already suffering from the lack of sugar. Let's see how it goes.

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