14 February, 2010

At Cafe Mente in Valaoritou, Kolonaki

Friday afternoon in a Kolonaki cafeteria, Mente.

Valaoritou Street is full of cafeterias and restaurants cater for shoppers and workers in the area.

Cafe Mente is more for drink than for food: food menu is short.

Cafe Mente

I ordered a single cappuccino (€3.90), with a lovely heart drawing.

Heart Cappuccino

Hubby ordered a culb sandwich (€6.80).

He said it was fine except for that it was already cold when was brought to him. It is a shame, as the place wasn't so busy at that moment.

Another minus point was that the people were allowed to smoke indoor space in this cafeteria. There are many tables outside, but the Greek smokers prefer to smoke in warm indoor (why not?). The waiters willingly provide ash trays for those who want to smoke.

And the receipt.

In Greece the hunt for receipts has started. According to a new law for tax reduction/exemption, those who earn more than the minimum can present receipts to get some tax back. I think this practice is ubiquitous for self-employees but in Greece from this year on even the employeers can do it.

One of the reasons of the change is that in Greece many exercises, like restaurants/cafeterias, doctors, lawyers, do not write receipts and those declear to the tax office much lower income/profits than actually is. The state, not without reason, hope to duely collect the tax from these professionals/exercises.

Good luck for the tax collectors!

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