30 January, 2010

Simply Burgers @ Sygrou Avenue

Visited a Simply Burgers joint on Syngrou Avenue last Saturday, because a couple who was with us said it was very good and ate frequently at its joints.

I don't have photo of the shop, so I took a picture of the menu that I found under the door of our flat.

Simply Burger Hamburger

It is half-self service style and you need to go to counter to place the order, while water and food are brought to tables by service staff.

Hubby ordered The Godfather (€ 8.35), as was recommended by the couple.

It is a hamburger with grilled bacon, double cheese and sautéed mushrooms. Hubby said he liked it, but I didn't. I ate the meat and found it totally tasteless. MacDonald's beef patty has more beefy flavour, in my opinion. But here tastelessness of the beef is covered up by Simply Burger Sauce (don't ask me what it was), greasy bacon and melted cheese. Side of fried potato had flavour-enhancer flavour of crisps; I like it with crisps, but not with chips.

The my order, however, wasn't bad. Chicken quesadilla (€5.95).

Grilled Arabic pita (according to the menu, but should it be tortilla?) sandwich with cheese and chicken.

Pita was crispy and cheese was gooey. It is not a gourmet food, but a nice fastfood.

One of the guys who was with us ordered Caesar's salad and let me taste it. Again, I found it tasteless; how they managed to deprive iceberg lettuce of taste was beyond me.

In next days, I asked 3 of my friends if they like Simply Burgers. They all responded that they prefer Macdonald's or Goody's for different reasons.

I won't go back to Simply Burgers if I can choose, but if I should, I will stick to quesadillas.


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