15 February, 2010

Kathari Deftera and Hartaetos

Today, 15 February 2010, was Clean Monday (Καθαρή Δευτέρα) for the Orthodox and holiday for the Greeks. From this day till Easter, the Orthodox are not supposed to eat meat, dairy and egg.

About the Greek customs for this day, I wrote about it last year, so I won't repeat IT.

This year we did not do anything particular, except for the traditional kite flying.

Kite is called hartaetos (χαρταετός) in Greek, meaning paper eagle.

Weather was very fine today and was relatively warm.

It was however quite windy. Many people were trying to fly their kites, but the wind was so strong that it was really difficult to take control of them.

But there were some able guys who were doing it right.

Kite flying

Hubby - inexperienced kite flyer - tried it for a while, but his kite disintegrated in 10 minutes or so.

To be honest, I was not enthusiastic about the prospect of kite flying and started to observe the Peiraiki restaurants. Although not many Greeks observe the Lenten diet any more, everyone - even the non-observers - is eager to eat squids, octopus, and shellfish on this day. For this reason, fish restaurants all over the Greece do great business on Clean Monday and the fish restaurants on Peiraiki coast are no exception.

I noticed two new restaurants opened.

These premises had been restaurants even before, but now they opened with different names: Εν λευκώ and Ανέμες.

Hubby, being a bad loser, wanted to buy another kite, but most of the shops were closed (obviously) and even the open ones had run out of it. Not that I felt pity. :)

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