25 February, 2010

Who Attacked Zonar's?

Yesterday there was a big strike all over the Greece and demonstrations were held in many places, evidently. I don't know personally because I was out of Athens from 10 to 5, precisely to be away from the confusion. Not that I wanted to be away, but was given a job to take a group of tourists outside Athens so that they wouldn't see it.

My assignment was completed successfully at 5 o'clock. Then I saw this scene near Syntagma Square, on Panepistimiou Street.

This is Zonar's Caffé under the Attica Department Store.

Most of the stone-topped tables were smashed, grass doors were damaged and broken pieces of glass were scattered around. One employee of Zonar's seemed to be hit on his face. He was holding a white cloth against his cheek and speaking of a group of police officers.

Also white marble slabs of Attica Department Store were damaged too, but much less serious comparing to Zonar's.

I am afraid many incidents like this remained unreported, because journalists were doing strike at the same time (no news on tv or radio, no newspaper).

I presume it was done by unruly demonstrators. We all know the plight of the ordinary working population (which includes Hubby and me) in Greece, but this does not justify vandalism and violence. It is sad and upsetting to see such an unruly act.

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