04 January, 2010

Turkish Airlines Inflight Meal 2 (Istanbul-Tokyo)

We were supposed to leave for Peloponnese in the morning, but at the last moment, it was postponed. As soon as we got into the car, Hubby's dad called him to tell that his mom felt ill. She recovered soon after we arrived her home but decided to go to hospital just for check and Hubby decided to go with her and his Dad. I remained here, as they left by taxi and there was not room for me (my in-laws are both pretty bulky) and I would be anyway useless in the hospital. I don't know if we can leave today at all. If we cannot, we will lose the hotel charge and rent-a-car charge for today, this in addition to the money Hubby has to pay for the taxi and for the hospital. Not a lucky day for us.

While waiting for Hubby now knowing what to happen later, if we leave or not, I write this blog. :)

Now, the flight from Istanbul to Narita (Tokyo).

The airplane was pretty large and each seat has its own screen. And the seat number appeared on it so that even the most careless passenger cannot miss his/her seat.

This is the blanket.

I liked the traditional Turkish pattern representing pomegranate. Besides blanket, we were given a pair of slippers and a poach containing a tooth-brush, an eye-mask, a pair of socks etc. Blanket wasn't for give-away, of course, but everything else was.

Now the dinner. Before the meal we were handed printed menu. I chose beef kofte, bulgur and grilled vegetables.

It was neither good nor bad. Just edible. Chocolate mouse was similar to what I had during Athens-Istanbul flight, so I did not eat it.

This is breakfast (no choice).

The cheese omelet was awful, but spinach pie was excellent. It wasn't crispy, flakey pie, but moist and soft, more like a lasagna sheet pie. I remember to have eaten a similar thing in a Turkish pastry shop in Athens.

Yogurt muesli was also a big hit with me (this might be up to my personal preference).

To be continued...

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