14 January, 2010

Turkish Airlines Inflight Meal 3 (Narita-Instanbul-Athens)

The meals I had during the Turkish Airlines flight Tokyo-Instanbul-Athens on 1st January 2010. Last in the series. :)

The airplane took off from Tokyo at 14:30 in the afternoon. The meal, I think, was served sometime after 3 o'clock, so it was between lunch and dinner.

Different from the flight from Instanbul to Narita (Tokyo), we were not given printed menu and we were verbally asked by stewards if we wanted chicken or lasagna. I opted for the latter.

But, just at this point, the steward noticed that he did not have lasagna in his cart. He went to search for one in vain. He was about to give me chicken apologising, when he realised he still have one lasagna left in his cart. He proudly give it to me saying "I have just seen one there!" It was lucky for me, but he, over excited, he totally forgot that the woman next to me also asked for lasagna and gave her chicken without saying anything.


By the way, the thing they called lasagna was cannelloni. Although it wasn't lasagna, it was pretty good, the best set of the 4 meals I had this time.

Then before arriving at Istanbul, we had this plate. There was no choice.

Fish, spinatch and rice. I don't know what fish it was: smelly and no taste. Spinach soaked up the fishy smell and undersalted as well. White steamed rice did not help either. It should have been a Japanese meal (as is evident by the steamed white rice) prepared in Japan; I have no idea how could it go so wrong. This one, the worst of the four meals.

There was something wrong with the way they serve coffee and tea. In my experience, the coffee and tea are served at the last of the meal, usually while we were still eating. In the case of Turkish, they serve it at the same time as they remove the trays. Besides, they remove the trays without asking us if we want coffee or not. The result is that when we want coffee, we don't have cup any more. I managed to get coffee on explicit request, but I wasn't offered either sugar or milk. It wasn't problem for me, as I drink it black, but I, again in my past experience, was always asked if I want it or not, or they (milk and sugar) were already on the tray. It looked very weird to me.

And this is the light meal we were served from Istanbul to Athens. It looks like a breakfast, but we ate it late in the evening.

Caesar's salad and feta sandwich. I don't remember as I hardly ate it. I tried to eat the salad, but the dressing was too oily and I lost my appetite.

Turkish's meals looked better than the ones offered by northern European airlines, but I cannot say that they tasted better. Besides, the way they served it was rather unconventional and I prefer the conventional way.

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