23 January, 2010

Some remains from the Christmas period

I have been away from the blog, as my time for blogging was dedicated to write something about our recent Laconia trip. And that is why I still have these photos from Christmas period. I know it is over. I even started to dismount our Christmas tree (by the way, I think it is quite common in Greece to keep the tree at least until Epifania, but it is long gone too).

This is the Vassilopita Hubby bought for our house.

As the readers of this blog already know, Greeks cut their sweet bread called vassilopita on New Year's day. The bread contain a coin, and if you get a piece containing the coin, you have luck this year. Similar custom exists all over Europe. French Galette des rois probably the most famous example.

The one in the photo isn't, I think, traditional vassilopita. I think it should more like bread, but this one is more like cake. Heavy cake with lots of crashed almonds. It is maybe because Hubby bought it from a patisserie shop called Papagalino (a franchise brand in Greece), not from bakery or supermarket.

I won the coin this time. I had already won another one at In-Law's house. I should be very lucky this year, although I have not observed any sign of it. :)


When I returned home from Japan, I was greeted by this freakin' object.

A severed head of Agios Vassilios, i.e. Santa Claus for non-Greeks.

Evidently it sings, too!

I interrogated Hubby how he got hold of this. He confessed that it was gift from his Mom. Not that she bought it for him, but she had it and did not know what to do.

Good way to dispose of objects you don't want!

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