25 January, 2010

Flisvos Marina

This Saturday afternoon, we want to Flisvos Marina.

Flisvos Marina is a newly developped area by the sea near Faliro. As the name suggests, it is a marina of yachts and cruisers...

Floisvos Marina
(the hill in the background is Kastela Hill of Piraeus)

And also it is also an entertainment area with many restaurants, cafés, shops and a wide and pleasant promenade. It gets really busy in hot summer evenings.

Flisvos Marina

This is the building in which T.G.I. Friday's is of the tenants. I remember that in England T.G.I. was a sort of family restaurants, but here in Greece it seems to be treated as a hot spot for young people.

We found a temporary ice rink. It costs €10 for an hour including shoes rental fee.

The easiest way to go probably is to use tram and get off at Trocadero. There is a car park, but can be very busy in weekend evenings.

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