03 January, 2010

Turkish Airlines Inflight Meal 1 (Athens-Istanbul)

I went back to Japan by Turkish Airlines for the first time. For the occasion, I took some photos of in flight meals.

This is what I was served during the flight from Athens to Istanbul.

There were mozzarella and tomato salad, chicken ham sandwich, crackers, and chocolate mousse. Considering it was just over an hour flight, the meal was pretty rich.

The salad was fine, but the dressing was too oily (as it is in a small bag, you can avoid it at all and sprinkle only some salt which comes in an another bag). Chicken ham was thick-cut and I felt almost like eating chicken ham steak. I found chocolate mousse negligible, but I generally do not like chocolate, so you should not trust me on this one.

On the dinner plate, I found this notice.

No pork meat is used for this meal. The stewardesses were not wearing head-scarf and the stewards were not wearing mustache, but this notice made me realize that Turkey is a largely Muslim country.

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