01 September, 2009

Waffle @ Waffle House, Vouliagmeni

Went to Waffle House in Vouliagmeni this Sunday, as Bro-in-Law (the younger) and his wife took us their by their car. For Hubby and I who do not have car, it is tacky to go any farther than Voula.

We arrived at around 6 o'clock and the place was absolutely packed. As there isn't waiting queue for tables, we needed to watch and snatch any one being vacated.

In 10 min., we were seated, or rather more correctly, we seated.

The clientele is mainly 20-35 year old, fashionable, seemingly wealthy people (inevitably there are people who come here to be seen rich and beautiful). Our group of 8, dressed down, 35-45 year old, looked slightly odd.

Last time we were here, we had only coffee and an ice cream. This time we were determined to try waffle.

In Waffle House, you can order waffles either from already combined sets or from individual parts for you to combine. We did the latter. I ordered 1 waffle, 1 crema pasticeria ice cream, whipped cream (not fresh), and hot milk chocolate sauce (it is hot when it is poured, but gets solid when it comes onto ice cream).

The waffle here is very light and fluffy. Even I - I am not a big eater and little tolerance for anything very sweet - could have eaten 2 pieces. On the other hand, we did not like the ice cream, and at this second attempt, I am afraid we - Hubby and I - do not like the ice cream here (it is a matter of taste; the other people of the group like it).

The price is 5.5 euros; not bad for Attica coast standard. But, personally, I prefer waffles of Flocafé.

Note: The other people in our group have been to Waffle House in Naxos and they said that the waffle was thicker and better there.

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