04 September, 2009

Greek Wafer Pies

When you get ferryboat stopping at Chios island, you always - however late in the night or however early in the morning - see sweets sellers. I don't know why they are allowed to come into the boat, but they are, and they leave before the boat leaves the port.

On our way home from Lesvos, we decided to buy one to see what it tastes like.

The package says "pita me mastiha".

Let's open...

It is a white substance sandwiched by two thin wafers (by the way, this is Hubby's hand).

The white substance is very sugary fluffy soft stuff flavoured with mastiha (sap from mastiha trees). We did not particularly like it. As neither Hubby nor I like mastiha in sweets, it is no wonder. It cost whipping 1.50 euros! It used to be 1 euro a piece. It is a rip-off! (By the way, this is my hand.)

I tried the same sort of thing from Mastihashop (actually I bought it from Loumides shop, but it is product of Mastihashop). Same price, but it is about 50% heavier.

It is the same sort, but this one does not include mastiha and has honey instead (and bigger almonds).

We liked this one quite a lot. It is also sugary, but honey gives a nice flavour and melt-in-the-mouth consistency is also very pleasant.

If you feel like trying these wafer pies, I recommend to try Mastihashop products (you can find them in Mastihashops in Athens, in majour groceries, or in Athens airport). They come in three flavours and one is with mastiha.

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