15 September, 2009

Lunch in Anaxos, Lesvos

Some time ago I uploaded a page about Anaxos in Lesvos.


And the following are the photos I did not use there.

On arriving Anaxos where we booked a studio for 2 nights, we were starved. Walking toward the beach, we just entered almost the first taverna that we found. I think it was called Elafina, but not so sure. It looked quite touristic, but had a nice shadey garden, so we settled on it. I would have walked kilometers to look around other places, but Hubby is not as enthusiastic about food as I am and we usually find a way to compromise.

Strangely decorated Greek salad.

Greek salad

Feta cheese was surprisingly small for Greek standard. It was more like cream cheese than usual feta (not that I am saying it wasn't feta; feta cheese has wider variety than we non-Greeks think). Olives also looked like those from glass jar. Nevertheless, the veggies were fresh and more than edible.

Hubby ordered brizola of moshari, meaning veal steak.

Greeks burn the steaks to death and that is why I never order veal steak, but Hubby is Greek and did not mind it. He said it was OK and was happy that it came with chips, which were frozen ones and oily, but not bad in terms of taste. I mean, they were sweet and not burnt.

I ordered hirino tigania (pan fried pork morsels braised in white wine with onion and green pepper).

This again wasn't particularly good, but not bad either. It was fine. Generous portion and, again, with edible chips.

After the meal, they offered us a plate of water melon.

We ordered also a glass of beer and a bottle of water. The total bill was only €22.

I would have preferred to pay more to get better and more interesting food, but at the same time I admit that it was very good value. So we walked out quite happily.

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