10 September, 2009

Aubergine Out of Season?

When the aubergine is in season in Greece?

A several days ago, I bought some aubergines from laiki market. I asked the seller if it was the right kind of aubergine to make melitzanosalata and she said "yes".

When I cut them, however, I noticed that the seeds were far to large, and it turned out that they tasted quite bitter. I like bitter veggies, but in this case, the bitterness overpowered the characteristic sweetness of aubergine and it wasn't right.

Now that I remember, the aubergines I bought before these were also very seedy and the melitsanosalata I ate a few weeks ago contained also hard seeds.

Are the aubergines in Greece already out of season?

This surprises me because in my home country, Japan, autumn aubergines are thought to be good.

Lessens learnt, and I will be more cautious when I buy aubergines next time.

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