11 September, 2009

Greek Shishito Peppers

Found these peppers at Laiki market.

The manavis (vegetable seller) said these were neither hot nor sweet, so I decided to try what it is about.

Actually many of them are quite hot; not as hot as, say, Thai green chilies, but they should be definitely classified as chilies rather than peppers.

Not that I am complaining. On the contrary, we liked them quite a lot. They reminded me of Japanese shishito peppers in good old days. Tens of years ago (in my childhood), shishito peppers could be hot or sweet and they were sold mixed. They were like Russian Roulet; we never knew what were biting into.

Alas, now because of 'improvement', all the shishito peppers are sweet and thrill of living is now gone.

I wish I could find these Greek shishito peppers oftener, but they are rare in the market and probably they will get out of season anyway.

Could not help thinking what the Greek people - who usually do not eat anything very hot - who bought these peppers did with them. ha ha ha

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