13 September, 2009

Fresh @ Kolonaki, Athens

Went to Fresh patisserie in Kolonaki yesterday. It is a small confectioner cum cafeteria (only several tables for eat-in) in Kolonaki area, but it is probably closer to Syntagma Square than Kolonaki Square itself.

When we arrived at around 7 o'clock there was no one else eating in, although some people dropped in to buy cakes.

We order a cappuccuno (€3.80), a Greek coffee (€2.80), and ... I went to look for sweets. On the menu, there are only tarts for a bit less than 7 euros. I thought it was too much and went inside the shop to look through.

Unfortunately for us, most of the things they have are either tarts, chocolatey stuff, or moussey things, i.e. things neither I nor Hubby like. Finally I settle on small cakes with cream and orange flavour for €0.90 each.

When I ordered, I thought this price was only for take out and expected to pay more, but, in fact, we were charged as it was written on the cake fridge. This made me wonder what are the prices on the menu were. Most of the tarts in the fridge were around €3.50. If we order from the 'carte', maybe they will prop them up with whipped cream and some slices of fruits, but still €3 for that looks to much. I have seen this technique elsewhere, but I cannot agree with the strategy (if my supposition is correct, of course).

The cakes were actually quite good; strong dairy and orange flavour in the moussey cream and almond-rich sponge as the base.

The coffees however were not particularly good; I might go back to buy cake, but not to drink coffee.

The shop offers salads and light-lunch sort of food as well for around €13.

Fresh Haute Patisserie
Kriezotou 12, Athens

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