04 December, 2011


I am in Heraklio, Crete for a marriage ceremony.

We left the party at 3:45 and arrived at hotel at 4:15. By consequence we walk up at 12 & now we are having breakfast at a Creperie called Melba. Very nice filling crepe.

In the photo is Morosini Fountain and bougatsa shops Filllo...sofies and Kirkor.

Post scriptum

This year we did not enter these two cafeterias, but we did last year when we visited Iraklio for 4 hours during the 3 Day Louis Cruise.

And we ate this sweet cheese bougatsa.

In this photo it was already half eaten. So it was actually double the size.

It was extra-full with Cretan mizithra cheese and topped with honey. Needless to say it was fantastic.

Recommended, if you are once there.

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