27 November, 2011

Filema Mezedopoleio @ Syntagma

This happened in October 2011.

It was one Saturday afternoon that we visited Filema Mezedopoleio between Syntagma and Athinas street. I don't know how this area is called; there are lots of whole sale type shops selling shoes, jewellery parts, etc.

Filema is tucked in a narrow street called Romvis where there are other two restaurants and two cafeterias. The souvlaki shop in the same street is also quite good (portions not generous, but good quality meat).

It was our second visit; the first visit is reported here.

The menu is not long, but not short either. There are several dishes changes at intervals and I guess anyone can find something they fancy.

We ordered as startar tyrokafteri & red beets.

Red beets were plenty & very good value for money, while tyrokafteri was so salty that verges on inedibility.

Our main dish was pork and potatoes in oven. It was not bad, but again was too salty.

But fried potatoes were fresh and cheap.

They gave us a dessert as well.

We managed to find a table when we arrived at 1, but when we left there were a couple of groups waiting for tables. When we stood up, a couple literally ran to our table to grab it.

The total bill was about 30 Euro, if I remember well.

The food did not particularly impress me, but it is very conveniently located and there is any other mezedopoleio in its close vicinity. The service is quick. These are probably the secrets of their success.

Mezedopoleio To Filema
Romvis 16, Athens
tel. 210-3250222

Μεζεδοπωλείο Το Φίλεμα
Ρόμβης 16, Αθήνα
τηλ. 210-3250222


Our table was in front of this barbar shop.

These small shops are charms of this part of Athens.

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