29 December, 2011

Boxing Day Athens

Random photos of Boxing Day Athens.

Down the Iraklidon Street.


Here was still quiet, but getting to the center (i.e. toward Apostolou Pavlou Street), we saw more & more people.



For some reason, there were many sparrows sitting on the chairs of cafeteria Syn Athina. Can you see them?

And Acropolis.


I wondered why there was nobody in Acropolis (it was still around 2 in the afternoon) & the day after I learnt that it was closed due to the guards' strike. I have heard that the state won't be afford to open the museums and archaeological sites during the weekend, because it cannot pay the guards for weekend duties. Sad. Deeply.

Cats of Ancient Agora site. There are cats here always. There should be people who are feeding them.

Bailaktaris on Monastiraki Square.


Few tables were occupied, because it was very cold this day. There were people indoor eating.

Grafitti 1.

Grafitti 2.

Cat & Cafe-Bistro "Trantzistor".

Very friendly cat, but not so much the waitress. We tried to eat here, but the waitress did not bother to find us a table large enough to eat on (only coffee tables were readily available).

That was why we went to Odos Aischylou in the previous post. :)

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