30 December, 2011

Public Cafe, Piraeus

Visited the cafeteria of Public (if you do not live in Athens or else, Public is a chain of shops that sells computers, mobiles, CDs, books etc) in Piraeus. It has a view toward Passalimani, especially from the tables on the terrace, but it was too chilly for that on the day.

The shop & cafeteria were very busy due to the Christmas shoppers. In this current economic climet, you feel releaved to see people still do some shopping.

Two of us ordered a plate of club sandwich to share and a couple of drinks.

Neither in Japan or in UK (let alone Italy), I do not remember to see club sandwich on the menu so often as in Greece. I would call it one of the Greek national dishes, as well as curry or spaghetti to Japanese (this phrase makes sense only to those who knows the eating custom in Japan, I know...).

The toasted sandwich smelled of butter and the fillings were also flavourful. It wasn't like bad example of club sandwich over-filled with mayonnaise, snewey ham and plastic like chicken breast.

6.90 was reasonably price. Good fastfood while you are on shopping.

This is a slice of apple pie at Public cafe I ate on another day.

It was just OK. "I would order something else next time" OK.


Grigoris lowered the prices of coffee.

When the VAT on cooked food went up 13 to 23%, Grigoris immediately adjusted the price (justifiably, as the money goes to the state cofer, not to their profit) and probably they regretted it, sadly (but realistically, come on, who can accept that the sandwich that cost 3 Euro becomes 3.30 Euro overnigh?)


And something a bit Christmasy. We bought kourabiedes from a zaharoplasteio (patisserie) called Passarella on lower Piraeus street (if you know the area, it is next to Skravenitis supermarket).

They were less than 10 Euro / kg (maybe 7 maybe 9, don't remember exactly), while many bakeries charge 13-14 Euro per kg. And they tasted fine. For half kilo, we got 12 pieces.

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