16 December, 2011

Off-Season Trip To Crete, Day 2

Our 2nd day in Crete started late.

We were woke up by the hotel maid at ... 12!

We changed clothes and packed everything quickly. After having loaded luggage in the car, we went to look for late breakfast. We sat down at a crepe shop in front of Morosini Fountain.

Morosini Fountain

Melba Salt & Sugar
Plateia El. Venizelou 9 & Liontaria
Tel. 2810 341900

Crepe was slightly too thick, but inexpensive and tasty.

Then we went to Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Hubby had been there last October, but it was the first time for me. The new archaeological museum of Heraklio has been half-closed for years and only the main exhibits are in public view in a part of the museum. The ticket is 5 Euro, but we did not pay as it was a winter Sunday.

I saw things like...

Minoan Snake Goddess

Minoan lady

Minoan woman

Faistos Disc

Although the number of exhibits are small, it is worth visiting.

Outside, we encountered some Islamic tombstones, abandonned.

Then we left for Rethymnon.

On our way, we made a stop at Panormos. Here are the ruins of 5th century basilica.

We went also to the village of Panormos. There was not much sign of life except for 2 or 3 restaurants. Well, I thought so. But in comparison to the other villages that we were to see in the following days, now I think Panormos was pretty alive.

In Rethymnon we checked in at the pension we had booked with a bit of difficulty, as there was no staff. I will write about this place in the next post.

Then we wondered around Rethymno and hand some coffee and snack. A cappuccino cost only 1.50 Euro & the girl at the bar was really nice.

We had a difficulty in finding a nice place to eat, because really many of Rethymnon restaurants close during the winter, but eventually we found a quarter filled with small restaurants and picked up one which happened to be a music tavern.

We ordered only 1 salad, fried potatoes, yaourtlou kebab, bread and wine.

Except that they were not keen to bring us the fiscal receipt, it was fine (only 22 Euro, as we did not eat much).

Don't remember the name of the place, but the address is:
Emm. Vernadou 25

Then we went to bed. It was a rather short day.

End of Day 2.

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