31 December, 2011

Burger @ Frida's, Piraeus

In 3 hours we are getting out of 2011 and entering 2012. How was your 2011? Mine was OK, but in general it was a bad one for Greece and 2012 cannot be better although I heartily hope so. Let's try to survive as best as we can, shall we?

So, we went for the last minute shopping to the central Piraeus. And after some walking and browsing, GH said he had to use toilets. So I took him to this cafeteria called Frida's just in front of Dimotiki Astynomia where I used to go to beseech for my residence permit.

It is a small but nice self-service cafeteria with food. They sell salads, sandwiches, various pastas, a small selection of grill, sweets and wine.

GH ordered his favourite, Club sandwich with chicken (or maybe turkey - don't remember) & I ordered moschari burger with some soft drinks.

It took a while for the food to come, as the place was very busy (for which the owner apologized us).

Beef Burger

The burger was pretty good with flavoursome meat patty and good quality cheese. For 6.20 Euro, it was a very decent offer.

Meanwhile the club sandwich was less impressive. But it was only 4.80 Euro, thus not much of a disappointment.

Both of the plates were served with fresh fries.

The place sells also Italian wines and Italian panettone, and, surprisingly many people were buying these products. We also bought a bottle of wine and might try tonight.

For the price they charge, the food seem to taste quite right and we will be returning without doubt (if we can find a table).

Euripidou 87, Piraeus
Tel. 210 4174 564

(The photo above is from my mobile; I might upload some other photos from my camera later).

This is my last post of 2011. Happy to conclude the year with a positive note and hope to discover many more in the coming year.


that I have just downloaded.

Cashier Counter. The place is self-service style; you place the order at the counter and pay. The food sometimes you have to go to fetch and sometimes they bring it to you.

Handsome Facade.

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