08 August, 2010

Taverna Diethnes @ Sparta

Another post about Sparta.

Sparta is full of psistaria (grill take away & restaurants) and fast food shops, but there are not as many tavernes and mezedopoleia. On our last visit in January, we miserably failed to find good place to eat and ended up in a fast food shop in the central square called, I think, Mr. Donuts.

This time, I was determined to find nice place to eat and went around all central Sparta, but the choices were strangely narrow. In the end, I entered a rather touristy looking taverna called Diethnes on the central Konstantinos Palaeologos Street.


The name means "International (restaurant)", but in food wise there is nothing international about it; it serves classical Greek food.

Just next to it, there is another taverna called Elysse [sic], but I opted "Diethnes" because it had a garden inside.



Just ordering for one person, my choice was limited. I asked boiled beets (I wanted boiled green, but was exhausted) and a speciality called Roast Pork with Aubergine.


It was tangy with vinegar and quite nice, regardless of plastic like look.

This is roast pork with aubergine, which came in a huge serving (so I shared with cats roaming around in the garden).

This dish was excellent. Evidently the pork and aubergine were cooked separately and combined later. I don't think it is difficult to suppose how it tastes once you take a look at the photo. Aubergine was meltingly soft and sweet. I would order it again, when I will be back.

With a bottle of water and bread, the bill was about 13 euros. This pork cost 8 euros, but there are less expensive main dishes.

Checking later Tripadvisor, this taverna is voted the best restaurant in Sparta. I also added a comment there. I am not sure if it is the BEST, but I did liked this place.

Another place I wanted to go, but couldn't was this one.

Mezedopoleio called Ellinion. The food seemed to be good and the price affordable, but, for this time, I really needed to eat in a place where there is English menu. At Ellinion, there is menu, but it is not updated and the owner dictates the menu to you. I spoke with the owner who said to feel uneasy with customers who don't speak Greek. I promised to him I will be back when I visit Sparta for leisure. A pity.

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