07 August, 2010

Spartan Ice Cream

Went to Sparta in later July.

Statue of Leonidas

The above is statue of the legendary Spartan king Leonidas. Obviously it is a modern work. There is almost nothing survived from the golden age of Sparta. The Spartans of Leonidas were only interested in building up strong army, not in constructing beautiful temples or in creating fine arts.

This was my second visit to Sparta, the first one being the one in January this year. Even back then, I was attracted by this sweet shop, but we were not hungry then and it wasn't particularly ice cream friendly weather. So this time I decided not to lose the opportunity.

There isn't huge variety, but there are some interesting choices. The ones I chose were "lemon sorbet and basil" and "diples and honey".

They were slightly too sweet for me (as most of the Greek sweets), but were tasty. One scoop costs only 1.50 euro, which is reasonable for this sort of ice cream in Greece.

When you are in Sparta, I recommend you to try their ice cream. The shop is called Harami (ΧΑΡΑΜΗ) and it is on Lykourgou Street.

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