12 August, 2010

Dia Tafta @ Monastiraki

Yesterday, after the work, I felt too lazy to cook, so went with Hubby to eat out in Monastiraki.

In this situation, we usually go to Psirri, but I guessed that many shops in Psyrri are closed in August.

We stopped at Dia Tafta, one of the eateries lining the Adrianou Street between Monastiraki and Thissio.

Dia Tafta

The tap water was provided without request. The bread was round and soft. Not particularly tasty, but it is nice to have change sometimes.

Olives were free bee.

Hubby had a big FIX beer.

It was 4 euros. The smaller jug was 3 euros.

Dia Tafta serves anything Greek, from souvlaki and keftedes to moussaka. Not being so hungry (because I had eaten an entire snicker's ice cream) we chose some mezedes. Prasino salata me ksino mizithra.

Green leaves, strips of dried tomato, dried mizithra cheese, mustardy dressing and pine nuts. 5 euros. Bouyourdi.

We see sometimes dish of this name, but it is different from a shop to another. It is basically feta cheese and veggies cooked in oven. The difference is the vegetables used and the ratio between veggie and feta. This one had nice kick of fresh chili.

5.80 euros.

And deep-fried thrapsala.

There was a choice between karamalakia and thrapsala and we chose the latter. 6.80 euro.

It had a nice bite and we were happy.

The total bill was 23.60euros. Not particularly cheap (don't forget we ate only three small dishes), but for Adrianou in Monastiraki, it wasn't expensive either.

It would be nice place to go with friends.


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