21 August, 2010

Vosporos @ Mikrolimano

This took place in July.

Hubby and I went to Vosporos, meat grill restaurant in Mikrolimano. Hubby has already been there, but did not like it on that occasion (he said that the rice smelt wrong), but seeing it collecting so much people, I wanted to try it by myself and Hubby agreed to accompany me.

Mikrolimano is famous for fish restaurants, but now that young generation do not like fish so much, the choice was widened and there are also grill restaurants and Italian restaurants.

View from our table.

Well. The sea of the port isn't that great; there always some oil or unwanted objects floating, but as a view, it is beautiful.

The bread was pita. The black stuff is olive paste.

It was just ok. We left most of it, as we had other carbo to deal with.

The starter. Meat rolled in rice crepe.

The sauce was like Chinese sweet chili sauce. If there were not spice in the filling, they would have been like Chinese food. Anyway, they were delicious and made a good companion to chilled beer.

Hubby insisted that he should have fried potato.

As probably you can tell from the photo, these were pretty oily and soggy. They were also expensive for chips.

We shared the main course.

Three kebabs rolled in pizza dough and baked in oven. The kebabs were juicy and nicely smoky. We liked it.

This is a section photo.

In general, the main dishes at Vosporos are very generous in portion. The most popular menu there is Mixed Grill for 2 and serve easily 4 (they let you take out what you could not finish).

I don't remember how much we paid, but definitely less than 40euros (I think it was around 35 with tip, but not sure). The food was reasonably good and, being 'Politiki/Turkish' restaurant, there are interesting items on offer. I would be happy to go back.

Vosporos Grill Restaurant
Akti Koumoundourou 20
Tel. 210-412.7324

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