22 August, 2010

Haagen Dazs @ Mikrolimano

[Update 13 April 2014: Haagen Dazs in Mikrolimano does not exist any more]

When we went to Mikrolimano, we found Pesto Italian Restaurant closed. It had opened just last year.


I think they opened seeing the success of Artisti Maccaroni, but evidently it did not
go well.

Doing business in Mikrolimano is difficult. Restaurants/ Cafes come and go all the time.

We found also new comers. A restaurant called Bahaliko and a Haagen Dazs cafeteria.

Haagen Dazs in Mikrolimano

In Piraeus, there is another Haagen Dazs cafeteria in Marina Zea but this one has better indoor seating area.

Haagen Dazs in Mikrolimano

I ordered this pink stuff. It was a shake of strawberry ice cream and soda water.

Pesto in mikrolimano

It wasn't bad, but it is not what I would like to drink again. At the beginning it was chilly and nice, but then it quickly turned into a gloppy sweet liquid, exactly like a mixture of melted ice cream and soda water.

The frappe was served with small apple pie, which Hubby did not manage to eat, because his (and my) stomach was still full after lunch at Vosporos. A shame.

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