04 August, 2010

A Lunch in Piraeus

It has been some time since last time I wrote. I have been busy and anxious so that I could not get around to blog. Rather depressingly, moreover, it turned out that I won't be able to get vacation this year. Although it is not because of something welcoming, it is still depressing.

But, to be honest, I travelled so much in these two months that I am rather tired of going away from home. Maybe it is a good thing. Not going for vacation.

Anyway, I have more time now and will be able to write from time to time.

These are photos I took some weeks ago in the mezedopoleio Geia Mas in Piraeus.

Cold beer for Hubby.

Tzatziki and Gavros Ksidatos.

Horta and Fried Potatoes.

Grilled Squid.

Except for gavros ksidatos (marinated small sardines) which was too salty, everything was fine. The bill was close to 34 euros, which was I think is about right.

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