05 June, 2010

Where Did the Money Go?

Πού πήγαν τα λεφτά? (Where did the money go?)

This is a phrase coined out of the Prime Minister Papandreou's speech and now we are using in a different context. Evidently many Greeks cannot even afford bread.

The bread used to be 0.80€ a piece (the normal Greek bread pretends to weigh 'half a kilo' at bakery, but actually is 350-400g) and now some bakeries selling it for 0.60€.

When I saw the news first on tv, it sounded like in a far world, but now I found the situation at just out of our door. I wonder if this cause domino-effect to the bread price in my neighbourhood.

The same night we went to Gazi.

It was Friday evening and was busy, but wasn't as busy as it should be. Cafeterias were full, but restaurants generally were struggling.

I would be surprised that there wasn't any change. I am afraid the majority of the Greeks are earning less than in the same time last year. A part might getting the same amount, but because of the recent inflation cased by increase on fuel tax and by higher VAT, they have less purchase power.

Where did the money go and where we are going?


Cats photos from Gazi.

This one below was sleeping in front of a club/cafe. When I saw it, I thought it might be dead, as the club was quite noisy and busy. On being touched, he woke up and looked around surprised, but still sleepy.

How could he?

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