16 June, 2010

Brigante Little Italy in Syntagma

Yesterday, I visited a small cafeteria called Brigante Little Italy on Amalias, just off Syntagma Square. It is relatively new. I think was open last year.

Little Italy in Syntagma

I have meant to eat Italian ice cream for a long time, but it has never realised till now, but just by chance I managed to eat a foccaccia.

This one is called "La Greca" and has provolone cheese, feta, spinacchi and rocket on top.

focaccia alla greca

They reheated it on order and, when I told that I would eat it in, cut it up and served on a plate.

The bread part wasn't as soft as I wished, but combination of feta and half-cooked spinacchi did the trick and was pretty satisfactory for 1.90 euro a piece.

They have also pizzas, similar as focaccias, but with some meat ingredient on for €2.90.

While I was there, quite a few guy in suits and tie came to buy their food - mainly sandwiches - to take away.

Most of the sandwiches are between €2.70 and €3.75. The ice creams are €2.20 for a scoop, thus €0.30 more expensive than at Mattonella, my favorite gelateria, but I will try to see the difference, hoping that it is not just because of the location.

Brigante Little Italy
Leoforos Amalias 4
Tel. 211-182.1400

While I was there, a girl at the casher was having some kind of an argument with an customer over the phone; evidently she messed up with the check of a delivery over. I had an impression that she was not handling the claim very well. Actually she wasn't particularly nice comparing to the other guys working in the shop. Shame.

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