10 June, 2010

Pure Bliss @ Romvis Street, Athens

Last Saturday afternoon we visited a cafeteria called Pure Bliss on Romvis Street, a short and narrow street between Monastiraki and Syntagma.

Pure Bliss

It is an environment conscious bio-food cafe and I have been curious about it. It take care also of vegetarians and vegans.

Pure Bliss 2

As we were not hungry, we had only a flappe and a cheese cake. The cake looks very hand-made, doesn't it? :D

The flappe, which is not on the menu but they were happy to make one, was not Nescafe flappe, but I guess from some fair-trade-instant-coffee flappe. It was more bitter than Nescafe and I liked it better than usual flappe. Costs 3.5 euros.

The cheese cake was neither good nor bad. Cost 5 euros.

What surprised me was the interior. As we sat down outdoor we did not notice until we went to the toilette that the indoor space was much larger than from the outlook and the decor reminded me somehow of jungle (in a positive sense). In the toilette, there were cloth hand-towels instead of paper ones, and wat is more, the towels were placed on pot-pourri so that they took nice odour. I was impressed by the attention to detail.

The price here is higher than in cafes in neighbourhood, but it always attracts discreet number of customers, mostly women including many foreigners. I thought I understood why.

In the same Romvis Street, there are one taverna, one mezedopoleio and one psitopoleio.

This is the taverna Miniatoura.

It is usually less busy than the mezedopoleio Filema, but I intend to visit it one day.

This is the psitopoleio.

I ate here once and liked the meat. I will be happy to go back.

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