21 June, 2010

King Saron Hotel @ Isthmia

A weekend ago, two friends and we went to the resort hotel King Saron in Isthmia.


It is close to the Corinth Canal and it takes about 1 and quater of an hour drive from Athens. Isthmia itself has not much to see, but it is a good base for excursions to Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidauros and Tiryns. We actually took a little drive to Loutraki where a Greek state-run casino is.

King Saron

The friends had a particular offer giving us to pay 80 euros for a double room and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I checked the booking.com and usually the double room for the same period would have cost 95 euros, including half-board.

The hotel looked more dated and tried than how it looked like in the website. But, in the event, I took to liked its aged presentation.

What we did not know was that this hotel was either owned or partly owend by the French tourism company called FRAM and its signs are everywhere. Accordingly most of the guests were French, followed by Russians and Germans. Greeks were very few.

Our room. It seems that all the rooms have balcony. Pretty simple for a 4-star hotel, but all right. Only thing we really missed was fridge. Strangly for a Greek hotel, there wasn't fridge and we couldn't keep cold water in the room.

And, although there is a television in the room, Greek channels are very limited; we managed to find 3, but only 1 was actually watchable. The emphasis is on the French tv and there were 3 or 4 channels. I remember to have seen also Italian and Russian.

The bar area is quite spacious (the space is actually lot more larger than what you can see in this photo). The price looked reasonable for a hotel bar: a frappé was 2.40 euros and most cocktails were around 7.

Dining area. It is buffet style and the lunch is served between 12 and 14, while dinner 19 and 21 (but I am slightly hazy about the dinner time; it might have been more than 2 hours). It is pretty early by Greek standard, but as most of the guests are other Europeans, I guess it is all right.

Food was plenty: there were variety of salads and veggies, appetizers, meat main and fish main dishes, pasta, sweets and fruits. Besides, wine and tap water were also free. Breakfast was all right as well, although we did not taste everything (we are not used to eat much and various for the breakfast), if the coffee wasn't as good as we wanted to be.

And the beach. The hotel has both a beach and a pool. The beach was sandy and essential equipments (sun parasol, beach beds, and some water sports geers) are free of charge.

It is, however, rather small and the sun beds can easily be full. And the sight of industrial area made us slightly uneasy, although the water looked clear and clean.

The sea water pool wasn't as crowded as the beach and we could easily find sun beds.

If we had paid for all foods and beach equipments separately, it would have cost us not less than 60euros (in conservative estimation for 2 people, 20 euros for lunch, 20 euros for dinner, 8 euros for breakfast, and 6x2 days =12euros for sun beds and beach parasol). Consequently our deal was extremely favourable. Even half-board 95 euros, it is reasonable value-for-money.

There were several cats around the hotel and we enjoyed also animal therapy.

By the way, I forgot to ask the staff who was King Saron. I googled it without result except, of course, for the hotel itself. It remains to be a mystery.

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